Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming back..

So after months of absence i decided to return to my blog today, i dnt know if i'll stay, but for now... Im back..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wilson died..

Today in the morning papers i read
Our dear friend Wilson is dead..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

im lovin it..

A lot has happened over the last one month, i believe that explains my absence, fortunately this time the wheel of fortune has been favourable..all has been good so far.
For starters i got placed at an art house, the work seems yet to get my appointment letter but the work is on a after a year of diarray and disiilusionment i finally see the blur clearing out.
I also met my college friends on wednesday after almost a year, they were visibly upset as i had not kept in touch but its happy to please them with a chocolate..they're still as crazy a bunch..
And lastly iv been eating a lot of good food off late.. thats an axiomatic high!!!
For lovin it!!

To sum up this little piece is an off shoot of one of those overwhelming moments... bhaavnaaon ko samjho!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mindless musings..

Its happening again..this time in greater intensity. I wonder if it is me or that mystical entity called fate.. fate..that apparition that unexplained phenomenan that tosses us like the wind tossing autumn leaves... when did it come...or did i walk to it, or did i run?? i think i bumped..just by fate... i dont remember how...its a dream iv woken up to.. or am i sleeping yet? i cant say..its like a sweet song.. its lovely oh yes its is.. if its a dream let me never wake... let me hold on to it..let me touch it.. feel it between my fingers, get a taste of it..gather it to my heart.. let it stay let it stay..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Story of wilson..contd...

Wilson today turned 34,
and like every year he sat indoor
crouching in fear, hiding from the sunlight,
dreading his shadow may fall again in sight.

The bright day dusked into night
and heavy clouds hovered and feebled the moonlight,
Wilson thought the night was fittingly dark
for him to step out.

And as he stepped towards the door
he heard a soft knock..
In all these year he had not heard a voice,
or seen a face except silhouttes in the dark.
And as he heard the slight rapping
his heart sunk in and he felt queasy.
Almost dyspneic he staggered back..

And then he heard a song faraway,
a voice so melifluent that it made him sway,
anulling his fears,it lifted his spirits..
almost enchanted wilson stepped out
and saw a girl standing,
her beauty was angellic her eyes true and wide,
her golden hair beneath her bonnet glittering in the moonlight.

She looked into his eyes and softly said
guide me dear Wilson to the 'mountain of the dead'....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

State of affairs..

This is a sketch i had made in class.. and these emotions come straight from the heart!!